Playing Scenic Map is an interactive map structured on various levels.

The first one contains a virtual permanent map of Scenic City, South Dakota US, with all the works exhibited at the exhibition “Playing Scenic”. These works are placed exactly inside the locations they have been designed for, together with some contents related to the planning phase. Each contribution has been divided and connected to the person who has made it.
The second contains all the historical research, the music, the videos and all the news about Scenic City and the surrounding areas, together with the members of the group who have found and shared their work from the beginning on a secret facebook page called “Scenicity Tatanka”. This section is potentially in continuous expansion. For each content, the student-citizen that contributed to sharing the content to the group is mentioned.
The third contains the official documentation of the exhibition that took place at Pinacoteca Nazionale of Bologna from June 23 to July 8, 2017. This level contains the descriptions of the projects in Italian and like the second one contents are shared in alphabetical order, broken down by author.
The fourth and last level contains the credits, that is our gratitude and acknowledgment of the institutions that have taken part in the organization of the event, but also of the individuals who have contributed in a special way to the creation of the map, by taking care of specific parts.

Each level is independent from the other ones and, by exploring the map, one can either decide to visualize them all together at the same time or to temporarily hide some levels.
An interesting feature is the possibility to use the search function from the map menu. I.e. When one digits a name (author, topic, etc.), one finds the list of all the contents regardless of the level in which they are place, without having to look for them individually in the cartography.

Last update: April 30, 2018